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(This is a list of the top five contributions during the 2022 election cycle per legislator, grouped by contributor.)
Source: Transparency USA

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Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC$7,235,707.47
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACAllison, SteveR$161,400.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACBell, CecilR$11,040.30
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACBell, KeithR$6,040.39
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACBettencourt, PaulR$15,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACBirdwell, BrianR$15,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACBonnen, GregR$25,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACBuckley, BradR$132,868.21
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACBumgarner, BenR$253,400.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACBurns, DeWayneR$5,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACButton, AngieR$75,040.71
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACCain, BriscoeR$24,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACCampos, LizD$20,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACCapriglione, GiovanniR$10,120.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACCortez, PhilipD$22,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACCunningham, CharlesR$22,540.78
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACDeAyala, ManoR$309,893.07
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACDorazio, MarkR$12,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACFlores, PeteR$275,041.45
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACFrazier, FrederickR$163,958.77
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACGarcia, JoseyD$47,499.88
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACGates, GaryR$2,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACGerdes, StanR$70,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACGervin-Hawkins, BarbaraD$15,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACGoldman, CraigR$18,800.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACGuillen, RyanR$145,010.95
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACHarless, SamR$6,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACHarris, CarolineR$543,729.56
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACHarris, CodyR$15,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACHayes, RichardR$60,040.95
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACHefner, ColeR$17,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACHinojosa, Juan D$20,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACHolland, JustinR$42,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACHuffman, JoanR$25,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACHughes, BryanR$25,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACHull, LaceyR$255,819.67
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACJetton, JaceyR$40,750.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACKing, KenR$36,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACKing, PhilR$126,041.45
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACKing, TracyD$15,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACKitzman, StanR$17,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACKlick, StephanieR$352,720.16
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACKolkhorst, LoisR$17,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACLaMantia, MorganD$120,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACLandgraf, BrooksR$23,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACLeach, JeffR$113,690.26
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACLeo-Wilson, TerriR$603,371.66
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACLopez, JanieR$169,090.86
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACLopez, RayD$15,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACLozano, J.M.R$6,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACLujan, JohnR$374,684.87
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACMetcalf, WillR$25,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACMeyer, MorganR$154,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACMiddleton, MayesR$75,042.29
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACMorrison, GeanieR$5,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACMurr, AndrewR$43,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACNoble, CandyR$5,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACOrdaz, ClaudiaD$12,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACOrr, AngeliaR$15,041.03
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACParker, TanR$28,541.49
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACPaul, DennisR$5,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACPerry, CharlesR$15,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACPrice, FourR$10,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACRogers, GlennR$52,540.45
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACSchatzline, NateR$20,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACSchofield, MikeR$42,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACShaheen, MattR$202,860.20
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACShine, HughR$27,250.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACSlawson, ShelbyR$7,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACSmith, ReggieR$121,286.03
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACSmithee, JohnR$5,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACSpiller, DavidR$101,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACSpringer, DrewR$15,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACStucky, LynnR$35,533.34
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACSwanson, ValoreeR$27,355.50
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACTepper, CarlR$1,031,867.30
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACThimesch, KrondaR$102,295.89
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACTinderholt, TonyR$10,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACToth, SteveR$23,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACTroxclair, EllenR$65,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACVanDeaver, GaryR$14,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACVasut, CodyR$7,500.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PACZaffirini, JudithD$30,000.00
Dade Phelan$4,142,637.15
Dade PhelanAllison, SteveR$159,900.00
Dade PhelanBailes, ErnestR$89,604.74
Dade PhelanBell, CecilR$25,000.00
Dade PhelanBuckley, BradR$87,367.07
Dade PhelanBumgarner, BenR$285,757.00
Dade PhelanBurrows, DustinR$37,500.00
Dade PhelanButton, AngieR$95,534.44
Dade PhelanCapriglione, GiovanniR$22,100.00
Dade PhelanClardy, TravisR$30,900.00
Dade PhelanDeAyala, ManoR$99,209.90
Dade PhelanFrazier, FrederickR$171,949.99
Dade PhelanGerdes, StanR$55,000.00
Dade PhelanGuillen, RyanR$112,400.00
Dade PhelanHarris, CarolineR$190,859.60
Dade PhelanHefner, ColeR$18,000.00
Dade PhelanHolland, JustinR$47,100.00
Dade PhelanHull, LaceyR$178,502.87
Dade PhelanJetton, JaceyR$39,750.00
Dade PhelanKacal, KyleR$76,146.46
Dade PhelanKing, KenR$47,700.00
Dade PhelanKlick, StephanieR$419,826.10
Dade PhelanLandgraf, BrooksR$28,600.00
Dade PhelanLeach, JeffR$65,150.00
Dade PhelanLopez, JanieR$143,370.00
Dade PhelanLujan, JohnR$446,649.99
Dade PhelanMeyer, MorganR$145,400.00
Dade PhelanMurr, AndrewR$52,347.67
Dade PhelanRaney, JohnR$31,500.00
Dade PhelanRogers, GlennR$305,499.18
Dade PhelanSchofield, MikeR$59,200.00
Dade PhelanShaheen, MattR$47,365.05
Dade PhelanSmith, ReggieR$81,585.94
Dade PhelanSmith, ReggieR$45,980.00
Dade PhelanSpiller, DavidR$97,700.00
Dade PhelanStucky, LynnR$101,831.15
Dade PhelanSwanson, ValoreeR$82,600.00
Dade PhelanThimesch, KrondaR$17,850.00
Dade PhelanToth, SteveR$45,400.00
Dade PhelanVanDeaver, GaryR$54,500.00
David Middleton II$2,993,064.37
David Middleton IIHarris, CarolineR$40,000.00
David Middleton IIHarrison, BrianR$15,000.00
David Middleton IIIsaac, CarrieR$145,000.00
David Middleton IILeo-Wilson, TerriR$49,795.00
David Middleton IIMiddleton, MayesR$2,650,000.00
David Middleton IISchatzline, NateR$20,769.37
David Middleton IISwanson, ValoreeR$20,000.00
David Middleton IITroxclair, EllenR$52,500.00
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign Fund$2,108,292.15
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundAllison, SteveR$76,181.64
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundBailes, ErnestR$18,658.91
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundBumgarner, BenR$114,265.57
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundCunningham, CharlesR$18,818.23
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundDeAyala, ManoR$61,294.26
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundFlores, PeteR$99,999.94
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundFrazier, FrederickR$125,155.88
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundGuillen, RyanR$209,188.80
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundKacal, KyleR$60,110.86
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundLopez, JanieR$531,082.27
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundLujan, JohnR$476,739.29
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundMeyer, MorganR$74,999.42
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundOrr, AngeliaR$60,113.31
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundSmith, ReggieR$43,440.44
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundSpiller, DavidR$63,600.00
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundStucky, LynnR$26,954.32
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign FundThimesch, KrondaR$47,689.01
Republican State Leadership Committee Federal$1,760,560.90
Republican State Leadership Committee FederalAllison, SteveR$139,154.94
Republican State Leadership Committee FederalButton, AngieR$100,000.00
Republican State Leadership Committee FederalDeAyala, ManoR$50,873.89
Republican State Leadership Committee FederalFrazier, FrederickR$149,250.61
Republican State Leadership Committee FederalGuillen, RyanR$155,000.00
Republican State Leadership Committee FederalKlick, StephanieR$50,000.00
Republican State Leadership Committee FederalLopez, JanieR$276,354.99
Republican State Leadership Committee FederalLujan, JohnR$498,645.00
Republican State Leadership Committee FederalPhelan, DadeR$290,000.00
Republican State Leadership Committee FederalThimesch, KrondaR$51,281.47
Texas REALTORS Political Action Committee$1,603,762.92
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeBailes, ErnestR$32,270.63
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeBettencourt, PaulR$20,000.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeBirdwell, BrianR$20,000.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeBlanco, CésarD$10,764.56
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeBuckley, BradR$30,607.48
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeBumgarner, BenR$52,694.13
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeBurns, DeWayneR$6,000.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeButton, AngieR$80,912.09
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeCain, BriscoeR$8,625.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeCampbell, DonnaR$10,110.41
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeClardy, TravisR$17,149.14
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeCortez, PhilipD$10,588.87
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeDarby, DrewR$13,000.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeEckhardt, SarahD$10,000.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeGates, GaryR$2,500.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeGerdes, StanR$17,387.85
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeGeren, CharlieR$17,500.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeGoldman, CraigR$15,000.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeGonzález, MaryD$14,977.20
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeGutierrez, RolandD$10,067.12
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeHall, BobR$10,000.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeHarris, CodyR$18,040.53
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeHefner, ColeR$10,625.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeHernandez, AnaD$15,092.29
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeHerrero, AbelD$32,499.32
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeHolland, JustinR$42,237.84
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeHughes, BryanR$35,125.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeHull, LaceyR$45,881.82
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeHunter, ToddR$15,500.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeJohnson, JarvisD$5,000.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeJohnson, JulieD$17,649.32
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeJohnson, NathanD$20,000.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeKing, KenR$33,300.98
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeKing, TracyD$10,250.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeKlick, StephanieR$42,492.86
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeKuempel, JohnR$20,494.22
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeLaMantia, MorganD$85,540.18
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeLeach, JeffR$38,201.55
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeLongoria, OscarD$12,500.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeLopez, RayD$9,994.54
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeMenéndez, JoséD$10,110.41
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeMetcalf, WillR$10,750.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeMeyer, MorganR$63,409.13
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeMoody, JoeD$15,000.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeMorales, EddieD$53,968.36
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeMurr, AndrewR$24,810.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeOrr, AngeliaR$24,234.51
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeOrtega, Evelina "Lina"D$3,085.30
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteePaxton, AngelaR$20,028.58
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteePerry, CharlesR$10,250.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeRaney, JohnR$32,323.77
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeRogers, GlennR$99,172.65
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeSchwertner, CharlesR$25,916.67
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeShaheen, MattR$10,125.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeShine, HughR$17,750.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeSpiller, DavidR$55,625.45
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeSpringer, DrewR$15,750.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeStucky, LynnR$36,234.86
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeSwanson, ValoreeR$5,650.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeThimesch, KrondaR$23,028.96
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeThompson, SenfroniaD$30,415.08
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeTroxclair, EllenR$41,443.61
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeTurner, ChrisD$26,183.55
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeVasut, CodyR$2,625.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeWalle, ArmandoD$10,042.10
Texas REALTORS Political Action CommitteeWest, RoyceD$15,250.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PAC$1,102,239.21
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACAllen, AlmaD$26,445.29
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACAlvarado, CarolD$15,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACAnchía, RafaelD$10,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACBernal, DiegoD$7,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACBhojani, SalmanD$16,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACBlanco, CésarD$15,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACBryant, JohnD$12,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACBucy, JohnD$15,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACBurrows, DustinR$31,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACClardy, TravisR$18,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACCole, SherylD$5,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACCollier, NicoleD$6,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACCortez, PhilipD$7,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACDavis, YvonneD$23,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACDutton, HaroldD$24,247.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACEckhardt, SarahD$15,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACFlores, LuluD$12,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACGamez, ErinD$20,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACGarcia, JoseyD$10,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACGeren, CharlieR$33,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACGonzález, MaryD$7,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACGoodwin, VikkiD$15,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACGuerra, R. D. D$30,494.78
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACGutierrez, RolandD$19,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACHernandez, AnaD$9,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACHerrero, AbelD$59,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACHinojosa, GinaD$6,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACHinojosa, Juan D$20,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACHoward, DonnaD$4,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACJohnson, AnnD$25,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACJohnson, JarvisD$4,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACJohnson, JulieD$31,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACJohnson, NathanD$15,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACJones, JolandaD$20,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACJones, VentonD$15,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACKacal, KyleR$50,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACKing, KenR$25,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACLalani, SulemanD$18,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACLaMantia, MorganD$55,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACLongoria, OscarD$17,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACLopez, RayD$7,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACMartinez Fischer, TreyD$13,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACMeza, TerryD$4,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACMiles, BorrisD$15,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACMoody, JoeD$18,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACMorales, ChristinaD$5,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACMorales, EddieD$67,552.14
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACMorales Shaw, PennyD$5,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACMuñoz, Jr., SergioD$6,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACNeave Criado, VictoriaD$11,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACOrtega, Evelina "Lina"D$5,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACPrice, FourR$5,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACRamos, Ana-MariaD$5,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACRaymond, Richard PeñaD$34,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACRose, ToniD$7,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACRosenthal, JonD$15,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACTalarico, JamesD$9,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACThierry, ShawnD$4,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACThompson, SenfroniaD$24,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACVo, HubertD$6,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACWalle, ArmandoD$9,500.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACWest, RoyceD$25,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACWu, GeneD$5,000.00
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PACZwiener, ErinD$19,000.00
Texas Sands PAC$954,000.00
Texas Sands PACAllen, AlmaD$28,000.00
Texas Sands PACAlvarado, CarolD$20,000.00
Texas Sands PACAnchía, RafaelD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACBailes, ErnestR$28,000.00
Texas Sands PACBell, CecilR$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACBell, KeithR$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACBernal, DiegoD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACBowers, RhettaD$25,000.00
Texas Sands PACBurrows, DustinR$18,000.00
Texas Sands PACCampos, LizD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACCapriglione, GiovanniR$13,000.00
Texas Sands PACCole, SherylD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACCollier, NicoleD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACDavis, YvonneD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACDean, JayR$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACDutton, HaroldD$18,000.00
Texas Sands PACGervin-Hawkins, BarbaraD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACGonzález, JessicaD$9,000.00
Texas Sands PACGonzález, MaryD$16,000.00
Texas Sands PACGoodwin, VikkiD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACHarless, SamR$10,000.00
Texas Sands PACHernandez, AnaD$7,000.00
Texas Sands PACHinojosa, GinaD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACHoward, DonnaD$7,000.00
Texas Sands PACJohnson, JarvisD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACKing, KenR$28,000.00
Texas Sands PACKuempel, JohnR$20,000.00
Texas Sands PACLambert, StanR$13,000.00
Texas Sands PACLandgraf, BrooksR$10,000.00
Texas Sands PACLopez, RayD$13,000.00
Texas Sands PACLozano, J.M.R$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACMartinez, Armando "Mando"D$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACMeza, TerryD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACMoody, JoeD$10,000.00
Texas Sands PACMorales, ChristinaD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACMorales Shaw, PennyD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACMorrison, GeanieR$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACMuñoz, Jr., SergioD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACMurr, AndrewR$28,000.00
Texas Sands PACOrdaz, ClaudiaD$9,000.00
Texas Sands PACOrtega, Evelina "Lina"D$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACParker, TanR$34,000.00
Texas Sands PACPerez, Mary AnnD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACPhelan, DadeR$300,000.00
Texas Sands PACPrice, FourR$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACRamos, Ana-MariaD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACRaney, JohnR$28,000.00
Texas Sands PACReynolds, RonD$13,000.00
Texas Sands PACRomero, Jr., RamonD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACRose, ToniD$10,000.00
Texas Sands PACRosenthal, JonD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACSchofield, MikeR$13,000.00
Texas Sands PACSherman, Sr., CarlD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACSpiller, DavidR$28,000.00
Texas Sands PACVasut, CodyR$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACVo, HubertD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACWu, GeneD$6,000.00
Texas Sands PACZwiener, ErinD$18,000.00
Border Health PAC$765,706.25
Border Health PACAlvarado, CarolD$25,000.00
Border Health PACAshby, TrentR$10,000.00
Border Health PACBlanco, CésarD$25,000.00
Border Health PACBonnen, GregR$25,000.00
Border Health PACCanales, TerryD$20,000.00
Border Health PACCapriglione, GiovanniR$15,000.00
Border Health PACCreighton, BrandonR$25,000.00
Border Health PACGuerra, R. D. D$20,000.00
Border Health PACGutierrez, RolandD$25,000.00
Border Health PACHernandez, AnaD$20,000.00
Border Health PACHinojosa, Juan D$37,500.00
Border Health PACHuffman, JoanR$50,000.00
Border Health PACJohnson, NathanD$25,000.00
Border Health PACLongoria, OscarD$25,000.00
Border Health PACMartinez, Armando "Mando"D$20,000.00
Border Health PACMuñoz, Jr., SergioD$20,000.00
Border Health PACPhelan, DadeR$203,206.25
Border Health PACRaymond, Richard PeñaD$20,000.00
Border Health PACRose, ToniD$5,000.00
Border Health PACRosenthal, JonD$5,000.00
Border Health PACSchwertner, CharlesR$25,000.00
Border Health PACWalle, ArmandoD$20,000.00
Border Health PACWhitmire, JohnD$25,000.00
Border Health PACZaffirini, JudithD$75,000.00
Texans for Responsible Government (DISSOLVED)$528,395.49
Texans for Responsible Government (DISSOLVED)Flores, PeteR$75,000.00
Texans for Responsible Government (DISSOLVED)Frazier, FrederickR$45,000.00
Texans for Responsible Government (DISSOLVED)Guillen, RyanR$105,000.00
Texans for Responsible Government (DISSOLVED)Harris, CarolineR$40,000.00
Texans for Responsible Government (DISSOLVED)Hull, LaceyR$45,078.39
Texans for Responsible Government (DISSOLVED)Lopez, JanieR$75,000.00
Texans for Responsible Government (DISSOLVED)Lujan, JohnR$115,576.07
Texans for Responsible Government (DISSOLVED)Raney, JohnR$14,694.04
Texans for Responsible Government (DISSOLVED)Tepper, CarlR$13,046.99
Gary Gates Jr$452,000.00
Gary Gates JrGates, GaryR$452,000.00
Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND$367,082.11
Texas Farm Bureau AGFUNDBurns, DeWayneR$10,913.92
Texas Farm Bureau AGFUNDKacal, KyleR$144,926.10
Texas Farm Bureau AGFUNDMurr, AndrewR$30,021.00
Texas Farm Bureau AGFUNDRogers, GlennR$171,190.12
Texas Farm Bureau AGFUNDVanDeaver, GaryR$10,030.97
Republican State Leadership Committee PAC and Individual Account$349,406.75
Republican State Leadership Committee PAC and Individual AccountMeyer, MorganR$349,406.75
Holloway Frost & Kathaleen Wall$251,120.93
Holloway Frost & Kathaleen WallCain, BriscoeR$15,000.00
Holloway Frost & Kathaleen WallHefner, ColeR$10,808.40
Holloway Frost & Kathaleen WallSchofield, MikeR$12,000.00
Holloway Frost & Kathaleen WallSwanson, ValoreeR$192,504.13
Holloway Frost & Kathaleen WallToth, SteveR$20,808.40
Dan Patrick$246,820.30
Dan PatrickBettencourt, PaulR$12,920.54
Dan PatrickFlores, PeteR$219,070.94
Dan PatrickMiddleton, MayesR$14,828.82
Defend Texas Liberty PAC$237,509.00
Defend Texas Liberty PACDorazio, MarkR$12,000.00
Defend Texas Liberty PACHall, BobR$17,500.00
Defend Texas Liberty PACLeo-Wilson, TerriR$12,000.00
Defend Texas Liberty PACSchaefer, MattR$5,000.00
Defend Texas Liberty PACSchatzline, NateR$173,009.00
Defend Texas Liberty PACTinderholt, TonyR$18,000.00
Arch Aplin III$230,000.00
Arch Aplin IIIBonnen, GregR$20,000.00
Arch Aplin IIIPerry, CharlesR$10,000.00
Arch Aplin IIIPhelan, DadeR$200,000.00
Texas House Republican Caucus PAC$220,000.00
Texas House Republican Caucus PACAllison, SteveR$67,500.00
Texas House Republican Caucus PACBuckley, BradR$40,000.00
Texas House Republican Caucus PACHull, LaceyR$67,500.00
Texas House Republican Caucus PACJetton, JaceyR$15,000.00
Texas House Republican Caucus PACShaheen, MattR$15,000.00
Texas House Republican Caucus PACShine, HughR$15,000.00
Timothy M and Terri Dunn$210,000.00
Timothy M and Terri DunnHall, BobR$10,000.00
Timothy M and Terri DunnSparks, KevinR$200,000.00
Michael Porter Family Trust$200,000.00
Michael Porter Family TrustPhelan, DadeR$200,000.00
Blackridge Consulting LLP$178,070.64
Blackridge Consulting LLPBell, CecilR$7,000.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPBlanco, CésarD$15,137.89
Blackridge Consulting LLPCain, BriscoeR$7,500.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPCraddick, TomR$5,000.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPDavis, YvonneD$8,332.75
Blackridge Consulting LLPGonzález, JessicaD$5,000.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPGuerra, R. D. D$18,875.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPHarless, SamR$7,850.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPHerrero, AbelD$20,000.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPJohnson, JarvisD$8,200.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPMartinez, Armando "Mando"D$14,825.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPMartinez Fischer, TreyD$15,000.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPMetcalf, WillR$17,500.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPRomero, Jr., RamonD$10,350.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPSherman, Sr., CarlD$7,500.00
Blackridge Consulting LLPTinderholt, TonyR$10,000.00
Associated General Contractors of Texas PAC$176,000.00
Associated General Contractors of Texas PACBirdwell, BrianR$8,000.00
Associated General Contractors of Texas PACCanales, TerryD$56,000.00
Associated General Contractors of Texas PACGates, GaryR$2,000.00
Associated General Contractors of Texas PACGervin-Hawkins, BarbaraD$8,500.00
Associated General Contractors of Texas PACMorrison, GeanieR$4,000.00
Associated General Contractors of Texas PACNichols, RobertR$93,000.00
Associated General Contractors of Texas PACOrtega, Evelina "Lina"D$2,000.00
Associated General Contractors of Texas PACSmithee, JohnR$2,500.00
Fair Shot Texas PAC$162,976.74
Fair Shot Texas PACBucy, JohnD$49,046.06
Fair Shot Texas PACPlesa, MihaelaD$61,317.70
Fair Shot Texas PACZwiener, ErinD$52,612.98
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action Committee$154,000.00
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action CommitteeAllen, AlmaD$10,000.00
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action CommitteeAshby, TrentR$10,000.00
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action CommitteeBernal, DiegoD$5,000.00
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action CommitteeBowers, RhettaD$5,000.00
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action CommitteeBurns, DeWayneR$5,000.00
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action CommitteeDarby, DrewR$10,000.00
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action CommitteeDavis, YvonneD$5,000.00
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action CommitteeHoward, DonnaD$5,000.00
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action CommitteeKacal, KyleR$51,500.00
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action CommitteeLambert, StanR$7,500.00
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action CommitteeMartinez Fischer, TreyD$10,000.00
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action CommitteeVanDeaver, GaryR$30,000.00
Texas Medical Association Political Action Committee$153,590.40
Texas Medical Association Political Action CommitteeBonnen, GregR$24,050.00
Texas Medical Association Political Action CommitteeBuckley, BradR$19,540.40
Texas Medical Association Political Action CommitteeDutton, HaroldD$5,000.00
Texas Medical Association Political Action CommitteeJones, VentonD$6,750.00
Texas Medical Association Political Action CommitteeLalani, SulemanD$35,250.00
Texas Medical Association Political Action CommitteeOliverson, TomR$21,500.00
Texas Medical Association Political Action CommitteeSlawson, ShelbyR$5,250.00
Texas Medical Association Political Action CommitteeSmith, ReggieR$31,750.00
Texas Medical Association Political Action CommitteeVo, HubertD$4,500.00
Protect and Serve Texas PAC$137,467.42
Protect and Serve Texas PACButton, AngieR$73,336.49
Protect and Serve Texas PACKlick, StephanieR$48,789.58
Protect and Serve Texas PACOrr, AngeliaR$15,341.35
John L and Barbara Nau III$130,052.64
John L and Barbara Nau IIIBonnen, GregR$23,533.66
John L and Barbara Nau IIIFlores, PeteR$85,000.00
John L and Barbara Nau IIIHuffman, JoanR$21,518.98
Gwyn and Don L Sparks$125,000.00
Gwyn and Don L SparksSparks, KevinR$100,000.00
Gwyn and Don L SparksToth, SteveR$25,000.00
Charter Schools Now PAC$114,357.97
Charter Schools Now PACCampos, LizD$6,000.00
Charter Schools Now PACCole, SherylD$3,500.00
Charter Schools Now PACDutton, HaroldD$15,399.28
Charter Schools Now PACFrank, JamesR$5,000.00
Charter Schools Now PACGarcia, JoseyD$14,195.21
Charter Schools Now PACGervin-Hawkins, BarbaraD$6,500.00
Charter Schools Now PACLongoria, OscarD$14,663.26
Charter Schools Now PACManuel, Christian D$14,364.22
Charter Schools Now PACRaymond, Richard PeñaD$20,603.96
Charter Schools Now PACThierry, ShawnD$5,000.00
Charter Schools Now PACTinderholt, TonyR$9,132.04
AT&T Inc. Texas Political Action Committee$105,000.00
AT&T Inc. Texas Political Action CommitteeBirdwell, BrianR$7,000.00
AT&T Inc. Texas Political Action CommitteeDavis, YvonneD$6,000.00
AT&T Inc. Texas Political Action CommitteeGonzález, MaryD$5,000.00
AT&T Inc. Texas Political Action CommitteeHancock, KellyR$25,000.00
AT&T Inc. Texas Political Action CommitteeMartinez Fischer, TreyD$10,000.00
AT&T Inc. Texas Political Action CommitteeMetcalf, WillR$12,000.00
AT&T Inc. Texas Political Action CommitteeNichols, RobertR$15,000.00
AT&T Inc. Texas Political Action CommitteeSchwertner, CharlesR$25,000.00
Joe Liemandt$104,000.00
Joe LiemandtTroxclair, EllenR$104,000.00
Kyle L and Jamie Stallings$100,000.00
Kyle L and Jamie StallingsSparks, KevinR$100,000.00
Stan and Sue Partee$100,000.00
Stan and Sue ParteeBumgarner, BenR$100,000.00
Doug Pitcock$100,000.00
Doug PitcockNichols, RobertR$100,000.00
Richard Weekley$98,500.00
Richard WeekleyCunningham, CharlesR$11,000.00
Richard WeekleyDeAyala, ManoR$50,000.00
Richard WeekleyKitzman, StanR$12,500.00
Richard WeekleyLozano, J.M.R$5,000.00
Richard WeekleyMiddleton, MayesR$10,000.00
Richard WeekleyMorrison, GeanieR$5,000.00
Richard WeekleyPrice, FourR$5,000.00
Texas Veterinary Medical Assn. PAC$91,750.00
Texas Veterinary Medical Assn. PACAnderson, Charles "Doc"R$5,250.00
Texas Veterinary Medical Assn. PACRogers, GlennR$51,250.00
Texas Veterinary Medical Assn. PACStucky, LynnR$35,250.00
Texas Land Title Association PAC$88,500.00
Texas Land Title Association PACCampbell, DonnaR$10,000.00
Texas Land Title Association PACGonzález, JessicaD$6,000.00
Texas Land Title Association PACHefner, ColeR$10,000.00
Texas Land Title Association PACMenéndez, JoséD$10,000.00
Texas Land Title Association PACMiddleton, MayesR$10,000.00
Texas Land Title Association PACOliverson, TomR$15,000.00
Texas Land Title Association PACPaul, DennisR$7,500.00
Texas Land Title Association PACRomero, Jr., RamonD$15,000.00
Texas Land Title Association PACSmithee, JohnR$5,000.00
HillCo PAC$87,180.55
HillCo PACEckhardt, SarahD$17,855.70
HillCo PACHarris, CodyR$19,047.07
HillCo PACHernandez, AnaD$7,277.78
HillCo PACLeach, JeffR$37,000.00
HillCo PACMoody, JoeD$6,000.00
Debbie G Asbury$85,500.00
Debbie G AsburyIsaac, CarrieR$85,500.00
R Drayton McLane Jr$85,000.00
R Drayton McLane JrShine, HughR$50,000.00
R Drayton McLane JrWhitmire, JohnD$35,000.00
Claire Dewar$84,720.00
Claire DewarBowers, RhettaD$5,000.00
Claire DewarJohnson, JulieD$36,720.00
Claire DewarJones, VentonD$38,000.00
Claire DewarRamos, Ana-MariaD$5,000.00
Karen and Patrick Schatzline$83,642.67
Karen and Patrick SchatzlineSchatzline, NateR$83,642.67
Conservatives for Law Enforcement & Border Security$78,583.49
Conservatives for Law Enforcement & Border SecurityIsaac, CarrieR$78,583.49
Texans for Insurance Reform$77,500.00
Texans for Insurance ReformPlesa, MihaelaD$77,500.00
House Democratic Campaign Committee$75,500.00
House Democratic Campaign CommitteeBucy, JohnD$10,500.00
House Democratic Campaign CommitteeGoodwin, VikkiD$7,500.00
House Democratic Campaign CommitteeHerrero, AbelD$21,500.00
House Democratic Campaign CommitteeMorales, EddieD$21,000.00
House Democratic Campaign CommitteeRosenthal, JonD$15,000.00
Anthony Ewing$75,000.00
Anthony EwingLeach, JeffR$75,000.00
Lauril and Erle A Nye Jr$75,000.00
Lauril and Erle A Nye JrGoldman, CraigR$15,000.00
Lauril and Erle A Nye JrJohnson, NathanD$20,000.00
Lauril and Erle A Nye JrSchwertner, CharlesR$25,000.00
Lauril and Erle A Nye JrShaheen, MattR$15,000.00
Alan Harper$73,000.00
Alan HarperAshby, TrentR$73,000.00
Robert C and Pamela Lanham Jr$70,000.00
Robert C and Pamela Lanham JrHuffman, JoanR$25,000.00
Robert C and Pamela Lanham JrKolkhorst, LoisR$20,000.00
Robert C and Pamela Lanham JrNichols, RobertR$25,000.00
Robert S McNally$65,000.00
Robert S McNallyBucy, JohnD$10,000.00
Robert S McNallyCole, SherylD$10,000.00
Robert S McNallyEckhardt, SarahD$10,000.00
Robert S McNallyGoodwin, VikkiD$10,000.00
Robert S McNallyHinojosa, GinaD$5,000.00
Robert S McNallyTalarico, JamesD$10,000.00
Robert S McNallyZwiener, ErinD$10,000.00
Gary R Blake$65,000.00
Gary R BlakeCapriglione, GiovanniR$35,000.00
Gary R BlakeKolkhorst, LoisR$30,000.00
William B Kent$63,443.00
William B KentSparks, KevinR$63,443.00
Anne and John Weisman$61,000.00
Anne and John WeismanKing, TracyD$11,000.00
Anne and John WeismanNichols, RobertR$50,000.00
Michael Till$60,000.00
Michael TillToth, SteveR$60,000.00
Wholesale Beer Distributors Of Texas PAC$56,581.81
Wholesale Beer Distributors Of Texas PACGutierrez, RolandD$11,000.00
Wholesale Beer Distributors Of Texas PACLaMantia, MorganD$37,500.00
Wholesale Beer Distributors Of Texas PACNoble, CandyR$4,000.00
Wholesale Beer Distributors Of Texas PACVo, HubertD$4,081.81
Mikal Watts$55,000.00
Mikal WattsBryant, JohnD$10,000.00
Mikal WattsDutton, HaroldD$10,000.00
Mikal WattsLaMantia, MorganD$35,000.00
Michael T and Natalie K McGuire$55,000.00
Michael T and Natalie K McGuireGoldman, CraigR$22,000.00
Michael T and Natalie K McGuireGonzález, JessicaD$4,000.00
Michael T and Natalie K McGuireHancock, KellyR$25,000.00
Michael T and Natalie K McGuireNoble, CandyR$4,000.00
Kurt Arnold$55,000.00
Kurt ArnoldBurrows, DustinR$25,000.00
Kurt ArnoldJohnson, AnnD$15,000.00
Kurt ArnoldRaney, JohnR$15,000.00
Bryan Hughes$55,000.00
Bryan HughesHarris, CarolineR$55,000.00
Carlos M Zaffirini Jr$55,000.00
Carlos M Zaffirini JrBlanco, CésarD$10,000.00
Carlos M Zaffirini JrZaffirini, JudithD$45,000.00
Todd Hollenshead$53,699.30
Todd HollensheadPlesa, MihaelaD$53,699.30
Greg Abbott$53,000.00
Greg AbbottKitzman, StanR$26,500.00
Greg AbbottTepper, CarlR$26,500.00
Josh Langel$53,000.00
Josh LangelHolland, JustinR$53,000.00
Catherine and Sam L Susser$52,632.81
Catherine and Sam L SusserHinojosa, Juan D$27,632.81
Catherine and Sam L SusserHunter, ToddR$25,000.00
Stacy and Joel Hock$52,000.00
Stacy and Joel HockTroxclair, EllenR$52,000.00
Michael & Mary Porter$50,000.00
Michael & Mary PorterPaxton, AngelaR$50,000.00
C Todd & Karen Sparks$50,000.00
C Todd & Karen SparksSparks, KevinR$50,000.00
Darwin A Deason$50,000.00
Darwin A DeasonHughes, BryanR$20,000.00
Darwin A DeasonPaxton, AngelaR$20,000.00
Darwin A DeasonSchaefer, MattR$10,000.00
Texas Right To Life PAC$50,000.00
Texas Right To Life PACHarrison, BrianR$40,000.00
Texas Right To Life PACLeo-Wilson, TerriR$10,000.00
Farmers Employee & Agent PAC of Texas$47,500.00
Farmers Employee & Agent PAC of TexasDean, JayR$5,000.00
Farmers Employee & Agent PAC of TexasHunter, ToddR$17,500.00
Farmers Employee & Agent PAC of TexasNoble, CandyR$5,000.00
Farmers Employee & Agent PAC of TexasOliverson, TomR$15,000.00
Farmers Employee & Agent PAC of TexasPaul, DennisR$5,000.00
Aggregated Unitemized Contributions$46,565.53
Aggregated Unitemized ContributionsBryant, JohnD$23,775.00
Aggregated Unitemized ContributionsCampos, LizD$7,502.17
Aggregated Unitemized ContributionsJohnson, JulieD$15,288.36
Gilbert Garcia$46,175.00
Gilbert GarciaJones, JolandaD$16,000.00
Gilbert GarciaMorales, ChristinaD$20,175.00
Gilbert GarciaPerez, Mary AnnD$10,000.00
American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees P E O P L E$45,000.00
American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees P E O P L EGonzález, MaryD$5,000.00
American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees P E O P L EPlesa, MihaelaD$40,000.00
Lyssa and Robert Hank Seale III$45,000.00
Lyssa and Robert Hank Seale IIIIsaac, CarrieR$45,000.00
Ryan Griffin$43,200.00
Ryan GriffinPatterson, JaredR$27,500.00
Ryan GriffinSlawson, ShelbyR$5,200.00
Ryan GriffinSpringer, DrewR$10,500.00
Lana and Barry G Andrews$42,500.00
Lana and Barry G AndrewsGoldman, CraigR$12,500.00
Lana and Barry G AndrewsHancock, KellyR$30,000.00
Christopher Huckabee$42,500.00
Christopher HuckabeeBettencourt, PaulR$15,000.00
Christopher HuckabeeKing, PhilR$27,500.00
Sally and Stephen Lockwood$42,000.00
Sally and Stephen LockwoodCook, DavidR$32,000.00
Sally and Stephen LockwoodTinderholt, TonyR$10,000.00
Lone Star Project Federal$40,000.00
Lone Star Project FederalBhojani, SalmanD$10,000.00
Lone Star Project FederalBowers, RhettaD$5,000.00
Lone Star Project FederalBucy, JohnD$10,000.00
Lone Star Project FederalMorales, EddieD$15,000.00
Iliac LLC$40,000.00
Iliac LLCCook, DavidR$40,000.00
Fort Worth Firefighters Committee For Responsible Government$40,000.00
Fort Worth Firefighters Committee For Responsible GovernmentCollier, NicoleD$10,000.00
Fort Worth Firefighters Committee For Responsible GovernmentRomero, Jr., RamonD$10,000.00
Fort Worth Firefighters Committee For Responsible GovernmentTurner, ChrisD$20,000.00
Frank Peinado$40,000.00
Frank PeinadoPatterson, JaredR$10,000.00
Frank PeinadoPaxton, AngelaR$30,000.00
Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee (DISSOLVED)$40,000.00
Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee (DISSOLVED)Plesa, MihaelaD$40,000.00
Curtis E Ford$39,539.71
Curtis E FordGuerra, R. D. D$26,644.10
Curtis E FordHinojosa, Juan D$12,895.61
TOP Political Action Committee (DISSOLVED)$38,421.60
TOP Political Action Committee (DISSOLVED)Reynolds, RonD$18,296.00
TOP Political Action Committee (DISSOLVED)Rosenthal, JonD$20,125.60
The Chickasaw Nation$37,500.00
The Chickasaw NationBurrows, DustinR$20,000.00
The Chickasaw NationSpringer, DrewR$17,500.00
Johnny Moss$37,460.35
Johnny MossHolland, JustinR$37,460.35
UA Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union 100 PAC Fund$35,500.00
UA Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union 100 PAC FundNeave Criado, VictoriaD$15,500.00
UA Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union 100 PAC FundTurner, ChrisD$20,000.00
James Wilkinson$35,191.56
James WilkinsonHancock, KellyR$35,191.56
Jack D Knox$35,000.00
Jack D KnoxKing, PhilR$35,000.00
James D Pitcock Jr$35,000.00
James D Pitcock JrKolkhorst, LoisR$35,000.00
Kathleen Long$35,000.00
Kathleen LongCook, DavidR$35,000.00
Bennett Montgomery$35,000.00
Bennett MontgomeryHughes, BryanR$35,000.00
San Antonio Fire & Police Pensioners Association - PAC$33,000.00
San Antonio Fire & Police Pensioners Association - PACCampbell, DonnaR$16,500.00
San Antonio Fire & Police Pensioners Association - PACMenéndez, JoséD$16,500.00
Austin Fire Fighters PAC$32,500.00
Austin Fire Fighters PACAlvarado, CarolD$10,000.00
Austin Fire Fighters PACCortez, PhilipD$7,500.00
Austin Fire Fighters PACPerez, Mary AnnD$15,000.00
Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLP$32,394.97
Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLPBell, CecilR$9,047.10
Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLPCraddick, TomR$5,000.00
Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLPJetton, JaceyR$8,347.87
Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLPPaul, DennisR$8,000.00
Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLPThierry, ShawnD$2,000.00
Conservative Action for Texas (DISSOLVED)$31,500.00
Conservative Action for Texas (DISSOLVED)Schatzline, NateR$31,500.00
Union Pacific Corporation Fund for Effective Government Federal$31,000.00
Union Pacific Corporation Fund for Effective Government FederalCanales, TerryD$25,000.00
Union Pacific Corporation Fund for Effective Government FederalCraddick, TomR$6,000.00
Beatrice Carr Wallace$30,000.00
Beatrice Carr WallaceSherman, Sr., CarlD$30,000.00
Ashby Signature Homes LLC$30,000.00
Ashby Signature Homes LLCWilson, TerryR$30,000.00
Charles W Gilchrist$30,000.00
Charles W GilchristKing, PhilR$30,000.00
Houston Trial Lawyers Association PAC$30,000.00
Houston Trial Lawyers Association PACWu, GeneD$30,000.00
Roy Johnson$30,000.00
Roy JohnsonWhitmire, JohnD$30,000.00
MJ Hegar Campaign$30,000.00
MJ Hegar CampaignTalarico, JamesD$30,000.00
Kenny A and Lisa Troutt$30,000.00
Kenny A and Lisa TrouttParker, TanR$30,000.00
Mansfield Business Management LLC$30,000.00
Mansfield Business Management LLCCook, DavidR$30,000.00
Jody Smith$30,000.00
Jody SmithParker, TanR$30,000.00
Jerry & Vickie Durant$30,000.00
Jerry & Vickie DurantKing, PhilR$30,000.00
Ed Harrison$29,500.00
Ed HarrisonHarrison, BrianR$29,500.00
Forward Majority Action$29,000.00
Forward Majority ActionMorales, EddieD$29,000.00
Santosh Cividi$27,500.00
Santosh CividiCreighton, BrandonR$27,500.00
Woody L and Gayle Hunt$27,500.00
Woody L and Gayle HuntMoody, JoeD$10,000.00
Woody L and Gayle HuntOrdaz, ClaudiaD$17,500.00
Media Choice LLC$27,283.84
Media Choice LLCGuerra, R. D. D$27,283.84
John Matthews$27,000.00
John MatthewsParker, TanR$27,000.00
Gene Green$26,000.00
Gene GreenWalle, ArmandoD$26,000.00
Chester Davis$26,000.00
Chester DavisIsaac, CarrieR$26,000.00
Skyview Development LLC$25,872.00
Skyview Development LLCWest, RoyceD$25,872.00
Robert Bruce$25,600.50
Robert BruceDorazio, MarkR$25,600.50
S Javaid Anwar$25,000.00
S Javaid AnwarPaxton, AngelaR$25,000.00
Richard & JoAnne Wells$25,000.00
Richard & JoAnne WellsLopez, RayD$15,000.00
Richard & JoAnne WellsMartinez Fischer, TreyD$10,000.00
John Peck Jr$25,000.00
John Peck JrAshby, TrentR$25,000.00
John Frantz$25,000.00
John FrantzAlvarado, CarolD$25,000.00
Jason Johnson$25,000.00
Jason JohnsonWhitmire, JohnD$25,000.00
Michael Elliott$25,000.00
Michael ElliottWilson, TerryR$25,000.00
Cecelia and James Leininger$25,000.00
Cecelia and James LeiningerDorazio, MarkR$25,000.00
Beto O'Rourke$25,000.00
Beto O'RourkeMiles, BorrisD$25,000.00
George M Young$25,000.00
George M YoungGeren, CharlieR$25,000.00
Friends of the University Political Action Committee$25,000.00
Friends of the University Political Action CommitteeHuffman, JoanR$25,000.00
H Ross Perot Jr$25,000.00
H Ross Perot JrHancock, KellyR$25,000.00
Fiyyaz Pirani$25,000.00
Fiyyaz PiraniWhitmire, JohnD$25,000.00
Mark LaRue$23,190.00
Mark LaRueGerdes, StanR$23,190.00
Melinda and Jeffery D Hildebrand$22,500.00
Melinda and Jeffery D HildebrandKitzman, StanR$22,500.00
John Carona$22,500.00
John CaronaWest, RoyceD$22,500.00
The American Electric Power - Texas - Committee for Responsible Government$22,500.00
The American Electric Power - Texas - Committee for Responsible GovernmentSchwertner, CharlesR$22,500.00
Marci & Steven D Alvis$22,387.87
Marci & Steven D AlvisCreighton, BrandonR$22,387.87
Daniel Lopez$22,115.20
Daniel LopezRaymond, Richard PeñaD$22,115.20
Landon Jordan$21,500.00
Landon JordanOliverson, TomR$21,500.00
Texas Deer Association Political Action Committee$21,500.00
Texas Deer Association Political Action CommitteeMartinez, Armando "Mando"D$6,500.00
Texas Deer Association Political Action CommitteePerry, CharlesR$15,000.00
Roberto Trevino$21,200.00
Roberto TrevinoRaymond, Richard PeñaD$21,200.00
Judith Zaffirini$21,000.00
Judith ZaffiriniZaffirini, JudithD$21,000.00
Gregg Reyes$20,500.00
Gregg ReyesMorales Shaw, PennyD$20,500.00
Randy Brooks$20,205.08
Randy BrooksDarby, DrewR$10,000.00
Randy BrooksPerry, CharlesR$10,205.08
Ray L and Nancy Hunt$20,000.00
Ray L and Nancy HuntWest, RoyceD$20,000.00
Robert and Lindsey Kasprzak$20,000.00
Robert and Lindsey KasprzakCreighton, BrandonR$20,000.00
Reaud Morgan & Quinn LLP$20,000.00
Reaud Morgan & Quinn LLPManuel, Christian D$20,000.00
Suleyman Baltaoglu$20,000.00
Suleyman BaltaogluMartinez, Armando "Mando"D$20,000.00
Tex Pac TX Med Assoc$20,000.00
Tex Pac TX Med AssocKolkhorst, LoisR$20,000.00
Josh Stevens$20,000.00
Josh StevensBell, KeithR$20,000.00
Jerry Donald$20,000.00
Jerry DonaldCook, DavidR$20,000.00
James Horne$20,000.00
James HorneWilson, TerryR$20,000.00
James Jacobs$20,000.00
James JacobsWilson, TerryR$20,000.00
James Popp$20,000.00
James PoppShine, HughR$20,000.00
Larry Jaynes$20,000.00
Larry JaynesTurner, ChrisD$20,000.00
Laminack Pirtle & Martines LLP$20,000.00
Laminack Pirtle & Martines LLPJohnson, AnnD$20,000.00
Michael J Shaw$20,000.00
Michael J ShawHunter, ToddR$20,000.00
Michael T Gallagher$20,000.00
Michael T GallagherGeren, CharlieR$20,000.00
Hope D&l Ventures LLC$20,000.00
Hope D&l Ventures LLCLalani, SulemanD$20,000.00
Hayes Barry White & VanZandt LLP$20,000.00
Hayes Barry White & VanZandt LLPHayes, RichardR$20,000.00
Fair and Square Texas PAC$20,000.00
Fair and Square Texas PACJohnson, JulieD$20,000.00
Daniel K Signorelli$20,000.00
Daniel K SignorelliCreighton, BrandonR$20,000.00
Arnold & Itkin LLP$20,000.00
Arnold & Itkin LLPBurns, DeWayneR$5,000.00
Arnold & Itkin LLPHarless, SamR$5,000.00
Arnold & Itkin LLPPrice, FourR$5,000.00
Arnold & Itkin LLPSlawson, ShelbyR$5,000.00
Blackstone Dilworth Jr$20,000.00
Blackstone Dilworth JrZaffirini, JudithD$20,000.00
United Services Automobile Association Employee PAC$20,000.00
United Services Automobile Association Employee PACCampbell, DonnaR$10,000.00
United Services Automobile Association Employee PACMenéndez, JoséD$10,000.00
University of Houston Political Action Committee$20,000.00
University of Houston Political Action CommitteeMiles, BorrisD$10,000.00
University of Houston Political Action CommitteeWalle, ArmandoD$10,000.00
William Penz$20,000.00
William PenzPatterson, JaredR$20,000.00
UA Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 286 PAC Fund$20,000.00
UA Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 286 PAC FundTurner, ChrisD$20,000.00
NuStarpacBernal, DiegoD$3,000.00
NuStarpacCampbell, DonnaR$7,500.00
NuStarpacMenéndez, JoséD$7,500.00
Raymond Wetegrove$17,500.00
Raymond WetegroveHunter, ToddR$17,500.00
Coats Rose PAC$17,500.00
Coats Rose PACSpringer, DrewR$17,500.00
Dian Graves Stai$17,500.00
Dian Graves StaiLambert, StanR$17,500.00
Frisco Fire Fighters Committee For A Responsible Government$17,500.00
Frisco Fire Fighters Committee For A Responsible GovernmentPatterson, JaredR$17,500.00
Thresa Meza$16,675.17
Thresa MezaMeza, TerryD$16,675.17
Teddy Peinado$16,523.85
Teddy PeinadoPatterson, JaredR$16,523.85
Texas Dairymen PAC$16,000.00
Texas Dairymen PACBailes, ErnestR$16,000.00
Karla Jurvetson$16,000.00
Karla JurvetsonAllen, AlmaD$6,000.00
Karla JurvetsonReynolds, RonD$10,000.00
John A Sellers$15,000.00
John A SellersGeren, CharlieR$15,000.00
John R Weisman$15,000.00
John R WeismanCanales, TerryD$15,000.00
Jason & Kisha Itkin$15,000.00
Jason & Kisha ItkinJohnson, AnnD$15,000.00
Senfronia Thompson$15,000.00
Senfronia ThompsonAllen, AlmaD$15,000.00
Greg Arnold$15,000.00
Greg ArnoldHughes, BryanR$15,000.00
Geoffrey Alan Chapman$15,000.00
Geoffrey Alan ChapmanSchofield, MikeR$15,000.00
Brandon Jimenez$15,000.00
Brandon JimenezJones, JolandaD$10,000.00
Brandon JimenezWu, GeneD$5,000.00
Briscoe Cain$15,000.00
Briscoe CainLeo-Wilson, TerriR$15,000.00
AFSCME Texas Correctional Officers PAC$15,000.00
AFSCME Texas Correctional Officers PACFrank, JamesR$5,000.00
AFSCME Texas Correctional Officers PACHarris, CodyR$10,000.00
AB Walters$15,000.00
AB WaltersWilson, TerryR$15,000.00
Tomas Torres$15,000.00
Tomas TorresJohnson, AnnD$15,000.00
Texas Leadership Fund$15,000.00
Texas Leadership FundAnchía, RafaelD$10,000.00
Texas Leadership FundHoward, DonnaD$5,000.00
Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals PAC$14,750.00
Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals PACBettencourt, PaulR$14,750.00
Joe Davis$13,200.00
Joe DavisOliverson, TomR$13,200.00
USA Investments LLC$13,000.00
USA Investments LLCBhojani, SalmanD$13,000.00
Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLP$12,500.00
Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLPGutierrez, RolandD$12,500.00
Richard C Hartgrove$12,500.00
Richard C HartgroveEckhardt, SarahD$12,500.00
Daniel Skaggs$12,500.00
Daniel SkaggsDorazio, MarkR$12,500.00
David A and Darlene Pendery$12,500.00
David A and Darlene PenderyHarrison, BrianR$12,500.00
Theldon Branch$12,473.89
Theldon BranchJones, JolandaD$12,473.89
Cody Harris$12,283.68
Cody HarrisOrr, AngeliaR$12,283.68
Steven Peterson$12,000.00
Steven PetersonGerdes, StanR$12,000.00
Legacy 44$12,000.00
Legacy 44Garcia, JoseyD$6,000.00
Legacy 44Talarico, JamesD$6,000.00
Walmart Stores Inc PAC for Responsible Government$12,000.00
Walmart Stores Inc PAC for Responsible GovernmentCraddick, TomR$6,000.00
Walmart Stores Inc PAC for Responsible GovernmentRose, ToniD$6,000.00
Texas Freedom Network$11,815.36
Texas Freedom NetworkJones, VentonD$11,815.36
Greg LaMantia$11,500.00
Greg LaMantiaHerrero, AbelD$11,500.00
Mark Hicks$11,125.00
Mark HicksAshby, TrentR$11,125.00
Brian Rich$11,000.00
Brian RichHarrison, BrianR$11,000.00
Deanna Garcia$10,700.00
Deanna GarciaJones, JolandaD$10,700.00
Bill Ellison$10,600.00
Bill EllisonMetcalf, WillR$10,600.00
Marguerite Steed Hoffman$10,526.63
Marguerite Steed HoffmanJohnson, NathanD$10,526.63
The Beer Alliance of Texas Political Action Committee$10,500.00
The Beer Alliance of Texas Political Action CommitteeThompson, SenfroniaD$10,500.00
Sean Fowler$10,410.16
Sean FowlerClardy, TravisR$10,410.16
6301 Ecc LLC$10,355.00
6301 Ecc LLCBhojani, SalmanD$10,355.00
Hendler Flores Law PLLC$10,330.80
Hendler Flores Law PLLCFlores, LuluD$10,330.80
Jdb Towing LLC$10,325.20
Jdb Towing LLCNeave Criado, VictoriaD$10,325.20
Eric Pelfrey$10,192.42
Eric PelfreyBhojani, SalmanD$10,192.42
Ernesto Gamez$10,000.00
Ernesto GamezGamez, ErinD$10,000.00
Douglass Robison$10,000.00
Douglass RobisonLambert, StanR$10,000.00
Edie Brickell$10,000.00
Edie BrickellZwiener, ErinD$10,000.00
Fort Stockton Holdings LP$10,000.00
Fort Stockton Holdings LPKing, TracyD$10,000.00
Farris & JoAnn Wilks$10,000.00
Farris & JoAnn WilksHall, BobR$10,000.00
Dean Davenport$10,000.00
Dean DavenportKing, TracyD$10,000.00
David J Trone$10,000.00
David J TroneThompson, SenfroniaD$10,000.00
Darryl B Carter$10,000.00
Darryl B CarterMiles, BorrisD$10,000.00
Harlan R Crow$10,000.00
Harlan R CrowLozano, J.M.R$5,000.00
Harlan R CrowMorrison, GeanieR$5,000.00
Indian American Impact Fund$10,000.00
Indian American Impact FundLalani, SulemanD$10,000.00
Houston Region Business Coalition$10,000.00
Houston Region Business CoalitionJetton, JaceyR$10,000.00
Garry Hawes$10,000.00
Garry HawesBell, KeithR$10,000.00
4 West Texas Political Action Committee$10,000.00
4 West Texas Political Action CommitteeTepper, CarlR$10,000.00
Across The Track PAC$10,000.00
Across The Track PACMiles, BorrisD$10,000.00
Albert D Cardenas$10,000.00
Albert D CardenasCanales, TerryD$10,000.00
American Pharmacy Inc GPAC$10,000.00
American Pharmacy Inc GPACHarris, CodyR$10,000.00
Baron & Budd PC$10,000.00
Baron & Budd PCFlores, LuluD$10,000.00
Byron Berry$10,000.00
Byron BerryHayes, RichardR$10,000.00
Bobby Howell Campaign$10,000.00
Bobby Howell CampaignVanDeaver, GaryR$10,000.00
Charles Perry$10,000.00
Charles PerryTepper, CarlR$10,000.00
Jason Berry$10,000.00
Jason BerryBowers, RhettaD$10,000.00
Jonathan Preston$10,000.00
Jonathan PrestonDarby, DrewR$10,000.00
Lisa Gallagher Ellrich$10,000.00
Lisa Gallagher EllrichBell, KeithR$10,000.00
Michael Tenny$10,000.00
Michael TennyHayes, RichardR$10,000.00
Mission Business PAC$10,000.00
Mission Business PACThompson, SenfroniaD$10,000.00
Sam Stolbun$10,000.00
Sam StolbunReynolds, RonD$10,000.00
Stacey Bryant$10,000.00
Stacey BryantLandgraf, BrooksR$10,000.00
Sondra & Toby Eoff$10,000.00
Sondra & Toby EoffLandgraf, BrooksR$10,000.00
Steven Toth$10,000.00
Steven TothCain, BriscoeR$10,000.00
Richard Dewitt Jr$10,000.00
Richard Dewitt JrClardy, TravisR$10,000.00
Nix Patterson LP$10,000.00
Nix Patterson LPFlores, LuluD$10,000.00
Paul L Foster$10,000.00
Paul L FosterOrdaz, ClaudiaD$10,000.00
Penn Entertainment Inc. Texas Political Action Committee$10,000.00
Penn Entertainment Inc. Texas Political Action CommitteeKuempel, JohnR$10,000.00
Pollyanna and Steve Stephens$10,000.00
Pollyanna and Steve StephensDarby, DrewR$10,000.00
Vincent Perez$10,000.00
Vincent PerezOrdaz, ClaudiaD$10,000.00
Waco Firefighters Public Safety Committee$10,000.00
Waco Firefighters Public Safety CommitteeAnderson, Charles "Doc"R$10,000.00
Texas Land Developers Association PAC$10,000.00
Texas Land Developers Association PACHall, BobR$10,000.00
Texas Spine and Joint Hospital LTD PAC$10,000.00
Texas Spine and Joint Hospital LTD PACSchaefer, MattR$10,000.00
Witherite Law Group PLLC$10,000.00
Witherite Law Group PLLCNeave Criado, VictoriaD$10,000.00
Conservative Texans for Charitable Bingo$9,000.00
Conservative Texans for Charitable BingoKuempel, JohnR$9,000.00
Texpac-Statewide (Texas Medical Association PAC)$8,750.00
Texpac-Statewide (Texas Medical Association PAC)Campos, LizD$8,750.00
Moez & Sultana Mangalji$8,500.00
Moez & Sultana MangaljiLalani, SulemanD$8,500.00
Arcilia Acosta$8,396.47
Arcilia AcostaNeave Criado, VictoriaD$8,396.47
William Tunstill$8,007.94
William TunstillTalarico, JamesD$8,007.94
Charles R Saulsbury Jr$8,000.00
Charles R Saulsbury JrSchaefer, MattR$8,000.00
Oncor Texas State Political Action Committee of Oncor Electric Delivery Administration Corp.$8,000.00
Oncor Texas State Political Action Committee of Oncor Electric Delivery Administration Corp.Cole, SherylD$3,000.00
Oncor Texas State Political Action Committee of Oncor Electric Delivery Administration Corp.Collier, NicoleD$5,000.00
Rebecca Reyes$7,730.00
Rebecca ReyesMorales, ChristinaD$7,730.00
John D Angle$7,535.18
John D AngleJones, VentonD$7,535.18
National Chicken Council Political Action Committee$7,500.00
National Chicken Council Political Action CommitteeLongoria, OscarD$7,500.00
NCHA's Texas Events PAC$7,500.00
NCHA's Texas Events PACRose, ToniD$7,500.00
Ruben Martin III$7,500.00
Ruben Martin IIIDean, JayR$7,500.00
Elevance Health PAC Federal$7,500.00
Elevance Health PAC FederalHarless, SamR$7,500.00
Zachry Construction Corporation Political Action Committee$7,500.00
Zachry Construction Corporation Political Action CommitteeBirdwell, BrianR$7,500.00
Tucker Bridwell$7,500.00
Tucker BridwellLambert, StanR$7,500.00
ActBlue Texas$7,158.95
ActBlue TexasGervin-Hawkins, BarbaraD$7,158.95
Cal Chaney$7,080.77
Cal ChaneyBryant, JohnD$7,080.77
Charles J Giglio$7,000.00
Charles J GiglioDean, JayR$7,000.00
Amir & Sabrina Khan$7,000.00
Amir & Sabrina KhanPerez, Mary AnnD$7,000.00
Arnold England$7,000.00
Arnold EnglandKitzman, StanR$7,000.00
Deputy Sheriff's Association of Bexar County Political Action Committee$7,000.00
Deputy Sheriff's Association of Bexar County Political Action CommitteeCortez, PhilipD$7,000.00
State Farm Agents Political Action Committee$7,000.00
State Farm Agents Political Action CommitteeThompson, EdR$7,000.00
Maria Luisa Flores$6,682.00
Maria Luisa FloresFlores, LuluD$6,682.00
Michael Rader$6,500.00
Michael RaderSherman, Sr., CarlD$6,500.00
Communications Workers of America Cwa Cope PAC Federal$6,500.00
Communications Workers of America Cwa Cope PAC FederalReynolds, RonD$6,500.00
Annie's List$6,113.38
Annie's ListGamez, ErinD$6,113.38
Surinder Gill$6,100.00
Surinder GillMeza, TerryD$6,100.00
Texas Automobile Dealers Assn. PAC$6,000.00
Texas Automobile Dealers Assn. PACKuempel, JohnR$6,000.00
Randall Peters$6,000.00
Randall PetersDean, JayR$6,000.00
Raquel Olivier$6,000.00
Raquel OlivierCunningham, CharlesR$6,000.00
Joe Kim & Kesterson$6,000.00
Joe Kim & KestersonHayes, RichardR$6,000.00
Christopher Akbari$6,000.00
Christopher AkbariManuel, Christian D$6,000.00
Friends of UT Southwestern Medical Center$5,500.00
Friends of UT Southwestern Medical CenterAnchía, RafaelD$5,500.00
Texas Mortgage Bankers PAC$5,500.00
Texas Mortgage Bankers PACAnchía, RafaelD$5,500.00
Rosa Navejar$5,250.00
Rosa NavejarRomero, Jr., RamonD$5,250.00
Cl Tax Services LLC$5,029.00
Cl Tax Services LLCThompson, EdR$5,029.00
Cherie and K Alan Hassenflu$5,000.00
Cherie and K Alan HassenfluCunningham, CharlesR$5,000.00
Constellation Employee PAC Federal$5,000.00
Constellation Employee PAC FederalCollier, NicoleD$5,000.00
Charles Dick & Amelia Saulsbury Sr$5,000.00
Charles Dick & Amelia Saulsbury SrSchaefer, MattR$5,000.00
Brad & Stephanie Tucker$5,000.00
Brad & Stephanie TuckerThompson, EdR$5,000.00
Amit Mann$5,000.00
Amit MannSherman, Sr., CarlD$5,000.00
Andrew F Rumer$5,000.00
Andrew F RumerGoodwin, VikkiD$5,000.00
Bill Johnson$5,000.00
Bill JohnsonAnderson, Charles "Doc"R$5,000.00
Galore Equipment LLC$5,000.00
Galore Equipment LLCMuñoz, Jr., SergioD$5,000.00
Gary Havin$5,000.00
Gary HavinAnderson, Charles "Doc"R$5,000.00
George Clay IV$5,000.00
George Clay IVFrank, JamesR$5,000.00
House Democratic Caucus$5,000.00
House Democratic CaucusRamos, Ana-MariaD$5,000.00
House District Campaign Caucus$5,000.00
House District Campaign CaucusMeza, TerryD$5,000.00
Israel J Galvan$5,000.00
Israel J GalvanBryant, JohnD$5,000.00
HDCC Incumbent Protection Fund$5,000.00
HDCC Incumbent Protection FundPerez, Mary AnnD$5,000.00
DeWayne Travelstead$5,000.00
DeWayne TravelsteadFrank, JamesR$5,000.00
Enterprise Products Partners Texas PAC$5,000.00
Enterprise Products Partners Texas PACCraddick, TomR$5,000.00
Francis Bushnell Jr$5,000.00
Francis Bushnell JrAnderson, Charles "Doc"R$5,000.00
Frank Zepeda$5,000.00
Frank ZepedaMuñoz, Jr., SergioD$5,000.00
Pharaoh Clark$5,000.00
Pharaoh ClarkGarcia, JoseyD$5,000.00
Outdoor Advertising Association of Texas Inc$5,000.00
Outdoor Advertising Association of Texas IncJohnson, JarvisD$5,000.00
Patricia Villareal$5,000.00
Patricia VillarealRamos, Ana-MariaD$5,000.00
Rural Friends of Texas Electric Cooperatives$5,000.00
Rural Friends of Texas Electric CooperativesSlawson, ShelbyR$5,000.00
Ryan Texas PAC$5,000.00
Ryan Texas PACThierry, ShawnD$5,000.00
Soren Marklund$5,000.00
Soren MarklundWu, GeneD$5,000.00
Joe Meier$5,000.00
Joe MeierNoble, CandyR$5,000.00
Jim Ginnings$5,000.00
Jim GinningsFrank, JamesR$5,000.00
John Drennan$5,000.00
John DrennanGamez, ErinD$5,000.00
Judy Miller$5,000.00
Judy MillerThompson, EdR$5,000.00
Michael Cowen$5,000.00
Michael CowenGamez, ErinD$5,000.00
Joseph Schneider$5,000.00
Joseph SchneiderThompson, EdR$5,000.00
Texas Land Title Association$5,000.00
Texas Land Title AssociationVo, HubertD$5,000.00
The Political Action Committee of the Texas Hospital Association$5,000.00
The Political Action Committee of the Texas Hospital AssociationHoward, DonnaD$5,000.00
Wortham Robert & Karen$5,000.00
Wortham Robert & KarenManuel, Christian D$5,000.00
Rachel Lomas$4,750.00
Rachel LomasHinojosa, GinaD$4,750.00
Michael J Warner$4,500.00
Michael J WarnerMorales Shaw, PennyD$4,500.00
Texas Equity PAC$4,500.00
Texas Equity PACGonzález, JessicaD$4,500.00
Katy and Matt Culmo$4,079.58
Katy and Matt CulmoHinojosa, GinaD$4,079.58
Jackie Rhone$4,050.00
Jackie RhoneVasut, CodyR$4,050.00
Koch Industries, Inc.$4,000.00
Koch Industries, Inc.Lozano, J.M.R$4,000.00
Melvin G Spinks$4,000.00
Melvin G SpinksPaul, DennisR$4,000.00
Dow Inc. PAC$4,000.00
Dow Inc. PACVasut, CodyR$4,000.00
Richard Holt$3,500.00
Richard HoltManuel, Christian D$3,500.00
Curtis M Garver$3,000.00
Curtis M GarverMorales, ChristinaD$3,000.00
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC Federal$3,000.00
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC FederalMorales Shaw, PennyD$3,000.00
Atmos Energy Corporation PAC$3,000.00
Atmos Energy Corporation PACSmithee, JohnR$3,000.00
Todd A Williams$3,000.00
Todd A WilliamsBernal, DiegoD$3,000.00
Rusty T Kelley$2,500.00
Rusty T KelleyThierry, ShawnD$2,500.00
Stanley P Jobe$2,500.00
Stanley P JobeOrtega, Evelina "Lina"D$2,500.00
Joseph Popolo Jr$2,500.00
Joseph Popolo JrSmithee, JohnR$2,500.00
Beef PAC$1,500.00
Beef PACGates, GaryR$1,500.00

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