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If you're a conservative Republican, then you are the opposite of a liberal Democrat. Your greatest disagreements would be with Democrats, not Republicans.

But that's not true of all of our Texas Republicans.

If you want to know who, then click into the Legislators menu and look up your legislators.

There, you'll see the Quick Summary, which tells you how they voted on impeachment of our Republican Attorney General. It shows you how much money they took from their top five donors in 2022. And it shows you more...

For the 2022 election cycle, the average total amount given by the top five donors to a Texas House Republican was $267,625. But for Texas House Democrats, it was only $65,343 - which is four times less. Shouldn't it be harder and more expensive in a red state like Texas to get Democrats elected than Republicans?

We also show you how often they side with lobbying groups. Not all bills are bad; some agreement is understandable. But when a legislator says that they "stand up" to lobbyists yet agrees with those lobbyists 75% of the time or more, they're not really standing up at all. When we look at over 80 lobbying groups, Republicans range from 39% agreement (Steve Toth) to nearly 86% agreement (Steve Allison). How does your legislator do?

In contested, partisan votes, Texas House Republicans join the Democrats an average of 24% of the time. Texas House Democrats only join Republicans an average of only 11% of the time. Do you want your Republicans to cross the aisle so often?

Why do so many of our Texas Republicans disagree with other Republicans and join with lobbying groups and liberal Democrats? Ask yourself: if you're a Republican, would you disagree more with Republicans than with Democrats? Twenty-four of our Republicans disagree with a Republican more than any Democrat, and half of our Republicans in the Texas House disagree with several Republicans more than they disagree with most Democrats.

Take a look at your legislator today. We pulled all of the data available on Texas Legislature Online, the official source of the Texas Legislature. What you'll find here are only facts, and we give you the links to look for yourself.

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