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Rep. Richard Hayes

District:HD 57 (R)
Phone:(512) 463-0556

QUICK SUMMARY for Rep. Richard Hayes
(Denton County)
Voted PRESENT on Impeachment of our Attorney General
Received $106,040.95 from Top 5 Donors in 2022 Cycle
Sided with Over 80 Lobby Groups 53.73% of the Time
Joined Democrats on 10.78% of Contested, Partisan Votes
Opposes Democrats, not Republicans (All Votes)

Committees and Groups

House Committee on International Relations & Economic Development
House Committee on Urban Affairs
Texas Freedom Caucus

Impeachment Vote: PRESENT
Top 5 Contributors
for the 2022 Election Cycle

Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC

Hayes Barry White & VanZandt LLP

Byron Berry

Michael Tenny

Joe Kim & Kesterson

Sided with Over 80 Lobby Groups
53.73% of the Time

Voted with Democrats
10.78% on Contested Votes

Registered No on 165 out of 894
Local and Consent Bills (18.46%)

Disagrees Most Often With:

1DRamos, Ana-Maria46.81%
2DMorales, Christina43.92%
3DGonzález, Jessica43.86%
4DHinojosa, Gina43.55%
5DJones, Jolanda43.32%
6DRose, Toni43.23%
7DCollier, Nicole43.07%
8DPlesa, Mihaela42.88%
9DWu, Gene42.80%
10DGoodwin, Vikki42.76%
11DMeza, Terry42.69%
12DAnchía, Rafael42.68%
13DReynolds, Ron42.64%
14DZwiener, Erin42.63%
15DJones, Venton42.56%
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 Disagreement: 0R - 15D  Agreement

36 Bills Authored
1 GOP Priority Bill Authored

2131 Record Votes Cast

63 Statements of Vote (Change)
40 Change Statements
23 Away Statements

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